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Compteporary Cuban Artist Humberto Benitez
I use no pre-sketch  before I star any of my  painting ,I blend and  I grind pigments to create my own colors  I let the canvas dictate and guide my pasion " we become one"
I allow my heart to flow into the canvas and from within a blank space of the canvas an incredible energy calls me.  That energy begins to fill the empty space, and images of my emotions are born into a canvas bonding them.  I let memory dictate the moment, I let feelings command the space, and I lay it bear to the viewer to experience my inner soul to experience my Cuba thru my paintings
Humberto Benitez Cuban Artist ,Coral Gables Artist Humberto Benitez
Out of a world of multiple concepts, I attempt to isolate a singular thought that defines image, without distraction. The harmony colors pose to me, and the sweetness I recall of the sugar cane are parallel to the foundation of my mind and spirit. The Lord has given me this wonderful gift, one I feel is a true blessing.
Thank you for visiting my site and for enjoing my work!

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Named 2006 trendsetter by Art Business News Magazine ,Humberto's music and romantic Cuban themes captures the souls of many, along with his vibrant Comparsas  ,his hidden faces behind a flamboyant Cuban hat and his texture have stamped his  unique style with movement in every piece.

He continues to paint  full time in his studio located now in the city of Coral Gables Florida (The City Beautiful) where he resides ,

He is actively involved in helping multiple charities as  Genesis Artist for Aid , The Red Cross ,Uniting Artists for  tsunami Victims ,The  American Cancer Society ,Save the Children Foundation, March of Dimes ,The Charley Foundation plus Several national international charities and childrens group as well as pastel society  awareness groups,.

Nighted by Portugal Royal Family in 2009 & King of Rawanda in 2007
Commisioned  multiple pieces  by Magos Tropical Cafe /The Mojito room
Commisioned to create one of his largest Mural Painting on canvas in 2010
Commissioned Multiple pieces for one of the worlds most luxurious cruise ship  in 2010
Publications Front  Cover Artist Art Business News 2005
Selected as one of Miamis artists representing the 2005 Sister Cities International Art Exhibition,poster artist south Miami Art Festival,
Publications Miami Heral 2005 /06/07/08/09/10
Selected as the principal artist for the 2005 Dr.Lou Gehrig's Disease Foundation
Permanent collection Fatima Portugal /Royal Family
Publications Miami Herald /Art Basel 2005
Awarded heritage recognition by the City of West Miami,
Awarded fist price visual Art in SanDiego California
Publications NBC News segment /14-foot Mural 2010
Publications NBC Today in Florida 2006/07/08/09
Publications NBC /Coconut Grove art festival coverage 2006/07/08/09/10
Publications Telemundo 51 / 2007 08/ Accexo Total Mariana Rodriguez 2010
Publications Revista Selecta 2007
Publication MHN CXhicago 2005
Publicatios Isla News 2007/08/09/10

His work has also been featured in national and international news papers and magazines as Art business New 2006 New Editions,New york Art 2006 digital master ,Art Business News March 2006  Trendsetter ,Art Business News / Cover Story / Cuban Art is Hot!/ March 2005 ,,Create Magazine / featured artist /January 2005 , ,El Miami Herald  October 2005,Miami Herald 2005( local artist helping Kids),Miami Herald October 2005,Libre / Su arte,Art Basel   -  Herald Featured Artist /December 2005   -  Miami Herald /January 2005   -  Neigbors 2005 ( Auction races 180,000  -  Diario de Las Americas /December 2004   -  Sun Sentinel December 2004  -  Life Style / August 2004   -  M.H News Chicago   -   Life style /November 2004   -  ,The Miami Herald,2006  -  , Diario las Amaricas 2006  -  NBC6 MorningShow 2008  -  CBS 2007   -  NBC6 News 2009  -  Canal 51 2009,El Creador Paper 2007 - The Miami Herald 2010,
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