Bor​n in 1960 in Havana, Cuba, Humberto Benitez came to the United States at the age of 9. He spent his childhood within the small town of Guanajay, surrounded by the lush farmlands of "El Campo", within the western region of Pinar del Rio. The tender years of his childhood would form much of the foundation of Humberto's inspiration and, interestingly enough, his technique: at an early age, Humberto would blend charcoal with red clay soil. He recalls vivid memories of interrupted, stunning moments from his youth, where color would make a pronounced influence within his current work: hues of yellow taken from the image of his mother's hands after working with tobacco; the reds and black from the mixed medium of the soil he would play in. Brilliant hues of orange from celebratory "farolas" mark his work to this day.
     This vision of the lost era of his childhood, where life was simple yet beautifully alive in the "tierra mia" of Cuba, would be expressed in Humberto's artwork by movement. By tapping into his childhood fascination of mixing colors, and working almost exclusively with spatula, Humberto is able to create rich dances of dream-like proportions. Breaking onto the art scene in 2001, Humberto's unique style of blending, explosive color and "movement" gained the attention of Cuban art afficiandos world-wide.

Artist Statement

      "Movement matters most. I want my viewer to feel enveloped in the music, where a "Comparsa" becomes an invitiation for thier minds to leap into Carnaval. I do this through the memories of my homeland, my love for music, the play of body language within a dance: we need not speak the same language, so long as we move to the same rhythm."
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