Carnavals, Dreams, and Beyond

The Themes
Previews from a selection of Humberto's different Series.
  1. "Movement"
    From the Comparsa Series
  2. "Caña, Rumba, y Domino"
    "Caña, Rumba, y Domino"
    From the Sueños De un Guajiro Series
  3. "Romance in the Bar"
    "Romance in the Bar"
    From the Old Havana Series
  4. "Soledad"
    From the Havana en Bicicleta Series
  5. "La GLorieta"
    "La GLorieta"
    From the Glorieta Series
  6. "The Alcazar"
    "The Alcazar"
    From the Españolas Series
  7. "Lilliam"
    From the Atalier Series
  8. "Sombreros con Vicios"
    "Sombreros con Vicios"
    From the Vicios Series
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